Updated: Tuesday 19th April, 2022


Club Access:  

Monday-Friday: 10:00-23:00  

Saturday: 09:30-23:30 

Sunday: 09-30-22:00 


Monday-Friday: 17:00-23:00   Last Orders 22:30

Saturday: 11:00-23:30  Last Orders 23:00   

Sunday: 09-30-22:00 Last Orders 21:30

  • Times may be subject to custom and we are closed on Bank Holidays

Email enquiries to info@actonians.com

Telephone enquiries on  020 8567 4556   or   07432 860 220 


Please remember that Covid is is still very active and not everyone feels as confident as perhaps you do with regard to Covid and in the interests of continued safey and the support of all members and their personal choices we would ask that you all please proceed with caution and kindly respect the personal choices that other members and our staff wish to make regarding Covid.

Your understanding and cooperation is very much appreciated.