Opening Hours

Updated: 17/09/2021

Club Access:   (We are closed on Bank Holidays)

Monday-Friday: 10:00-23:00

Saturday: 10:00-23:30 

Sunday: 09-30-22:00 


Monday-Friday: 17:00-23:00   Last Orders 22:30

Saturday: 11:00-23:30  Last Orders 23:00

Sunday: 09-30-22:00 Last Orders 21:30

Times may be subject to custom. 


Monday-Friday: 12:00-13.00   

We would ask that you all please proceed with caution and kindly respect the personal choices that other members and our staff wish to make regarding Covid. Please remember that not everyone feels as confident as perhaps you do with regard to Covid and in the interests of continued safey and the support of all members and their personal choices we would ask that you all please respect the following:

We would recommend that you continue to wear a face covering indoors.

Track & Trace:  The government still recommends that businesses continue to display the Covid-19 App QR code and we would ask that you please continue to register when you come to site.

Drinks can now be ordered from the bar and there will be no table service.

For the time being for everyone’s safety we ask that you do not stand and drink at the bar counter. Once you have ordered and paid for your drinks at the bar, please take your drinks and move away from the bar counter.

Please do not congregate or loiter in corridors and please keep doorways and thoroughfares clear.

Please do not leave sports kit, bags or personal items anywhere on the premises when you leave.

Your understanding and cooperation is very much appreciated.