Actonians Members are requested to study and observe these rules which are intended to ensure reasonable and safe conduct on the Club’s premises and grounds. 

An Actonians member or sports section failing to comply with any of the terms and conditions outlined below will be liable to suspension, ban or forfeiture of the use of the pitch, grounds or facilities. 

General Behaviour 

  • Respect the facilities and resources which are available for your benefit. 
  • Promote the ethos of an inclusive and family orientated Club and ensure your attitude and behaviour reflects this. 
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others. 
  • Members will not exercise any discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, colour, ethnicity, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, creed or disability. 
  • Inappropriate, drunken, aggressive and abusive behaviour, offensive language and gestures will not be tolerated. 
  • Conduct yourselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect your own safety and the safety of others. 
  • The Club is a multi-sports club offering membership for all ages for nine different sports and no one sport or individual has more rights to the facilities than another. 
  • Members of all sections of The Club accept to be bound by these terms and conditions throughout their membership at The Club. 
  • Members of all sections of The Club accept it is their responsibility to ensure their guests and opposition teams are made fully aware of all these terms and conditions prior to their visit to The Club’s premises and grounds. 
  • Take nothing for granted and please do what you are being asked to do to make everyone’s visit to The Club safe and pleasant.
  • All spectators must sit on the benches provided. 
  • No dogs are permitted on site, except Guide dogs.
  • Ball games are not permitted anywhere on site unless as part of an organised event, match or training session. 
  • Members, their children and guests are not permitted on the grass pitches or cricket squares unless participating in an organised pre-arranged sporting event on those areas. 
  • To access areas on the other side of the pitches, including astro pitches, netball/tennis courts, cricket nets, etc. everyone must walk around the edge of the pitch to prevent unnecessary damage to the grass surface and cricket squares. 
  • Field sports must remember that we are a multi-sports Club and therefore be always mindful and vigilant that whilst they are playing their sport on the grass pitch there are other sports members, including children using The Club’s facilities and moving around the grounds. 
  • Clear and courteous communication must be maintained between all members and players who are using adjacent facilities for example when a match is taking place on the grass pitch and another section is using the astro pitch or artificial surface courts or cricket nets then consideration and cooperation must be shown by all players. 
  • Club staff/employees or authorised representatives are forbidden to take charge of any money, jewellery or any article in any circumstances, including team members valuables. 
  • Members and their guests may not do anything that will prevent other members and their guests from having free access to all areas of The Club buildings and grounds or do anything which may create a risk of damage or injury to other members and their guests. 
  • Actonians members and sports sections must ensure their guests and opposition teams are fully informed of all the terms and conditions contained within this Code of Conduct.
  • Remember that this Code of Conduct is for your own safety as well as the safety and wellbeing of other members, visitors and staff. 
  • Members who do not conduct themselves in accordance with the Club’s Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action as decided by Actonians Sports Club which may take the form of a ban period or withdrawal of membership. Further disciplinary measures may also be taken by the relevant sport section.


  • Children under 18 years of age shall be allowed to use the Club’s premises as a privilege subject to personal and proper supervision and control by a parent member responsible for the child’s behaviour. 
  • Children are required to be supervised, seated and quiet inside buildings. 


  • Clean and tidy attire should be worn indoors and a shirt must be worn at all times. 
  • No vests or singlets may be worn indoors 
  • No working overalls and boots are permitted indoors. 
  • No studs or cricket spikes to be worn indoors 
  • No sports kit is permitted to be worn in the small bar. 


  • Only alcohol purchased at The Club’s bar may be consumed on the premises at Gunnersbury Drive. 
  • Members and their guests and opposition teams are not permitted under any circumstances to bring their own alcohol on to any of our grounds or premises, including the site in Boddington Gardens. 
  • Members who persist in this behaviour will be suspended from the Club as it is a breach of the Club’s operating license and could result in The Club losing its license. 

Drug Use 

  • Actonians has a zero-tolerance policy to drug use of any kind across all our sites both on the premises, in the grounds and the entrance to our grounds, including both Gunnersbury Dirve and Boddington Gardens. 
  • Anyone found to be using drugs on our grounds or premises will be permanently banned from The Club. 


  • Smoking (including e‐cigarettes) or vaping is not permitted anywhere inside The Clubhouse or Pavilion at both sites including Gunnersbury Drive and Boddington Gardens. 
  • When smoking in outdoor areas, members and their guests are asked to show consideration for non‐smokers 

Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

  • Please do not ask staff to charge your mobile devices behind the bar. We do not keep spare chargers and we cannot take responsibility for your devices. 
  • Members, their children and guests are required to use electronic devices only in a manner that is unobtrusive, silent and compatible with the peaceful enjoyment of The Club by all other users, particularly regarding noise. 
  • Any Member or guest wishing to use photographic, film or video equipment on The Club premises must register their intent with the General Manager in advance by email to 
  • The Club offers free Wi-Fi for members. Please ask a member of staff for the password. 

Nuisance, Noise & Music 

  • Members and their guests must not do anything on the premises which is or may become a nuisance to The Club or other members and their guests or to the occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring premises. 
  • All members will ensure that the minimum of noise is made when arriving and leaving the premises 
  • Members shall be responsible for ensuring their guests do not cause such a nuisance. 
  • Members and their guests shall respect staff if they are asked to leave the premises due to their or their guests behaviour being inappropriate. 
  • In consideration of our residential neighbours and in accordance with current legislation the use of outdoor music anywhere on the premises is not permitted without the prior written consent of The Club. 
  • The Club reserves the right to request the volume be turned down at any time or for the music to be turned off completely. 
  • In any event no music is permitted after midnight. 


  • Please respect the staff and consider the safety and wellbeing of your fellow members across all sports sections. 
  • If you cannot be served in the bar immediately please be patient, the staff will serve you as quickly as they can. 
  • Disrespecting staff, sarcastic comments and verbal abuse will not be tolerated. 
  • Please understand that when a member of staff asks for your co-operation in adhering to the rules they are only doing their job and what is best for our club and all its members in the long run.