• Keys to Boddington Gardens must be collected and signed for from the Clubhouse Bar during Bar opening times on the day of your hire.
  • The person who signs out the keys is responsible for giving entry to their players and opposition teams and for ensuring the floodlights are turned off and the clubhouse and gates are locked and keys returned to the Clubhouse Bar at Gunnersbury Drive at the end of their hire on the day of their hire. 
  • All Sections using Boddington Gardens must ensure there is no unauthorised access to the site during their hire period when the site is unattended by Actonians Staff. 
  • It is also very important when different Users/Sections are sharing the facilities at Boddington Gardens that they communicate with each other and agree who will be responsible for locking up the clubhouse and site at the end of their session. 


  • Parking in the car park is limited and is done so at owner’s own risk.
  • Please park your vehicles considerately in the car park.
  • Boddington Gardens is a private road and parking in the street is not permitted.


  • To protect the condition of the pitches, access is not permitted to the Astro pitch unless pre-booked for an organised pre-arranged match or sporting event. 
  • Only approved Astro turf footwear or trainers are permitted on the Astro pitches. 
  • Please use the boot scrapers at the entrance to the Astro pitch to clean your shoes before entering the pitch enclosure. 
  • If using the floodlights on the Astro pitches at Boddington Gardens then in the interests of energy saving and cost effectiveness please use them only when necessary and not just for the sake of having the floodlights on. 
  • The floodlights on the pitches need to be turned off no later than 10pm to comply with Ealing Council terms and conditions. Failure to turn off the floodlights may result in a fine.
  • All players must be responsible for ensuring the Astro and grass pitches are left clean and tidy and all litter is removed and placed in the bins provided at the end of their match.  
  • No personal or sports related items are to be left on the pitches. 
  • The Boddington Gardens Astro Pitch is to be locked before leaving. 


  • All players must be responsible for ensuring the grass pitches are left clean and tidy and all litter is removed and placed in the bins provided at the end of their match.  
  • Ball games are not permitted anywhere on site unless as part of an organised event, match or training session. 
  • Members, their children and guests are not permitted on the grass pitches or cricket squares unless participating in an organised pre-arranged sporting event on those areas. 
  • To access areas on the other side of the pitches, including the astro pitch, cricket nets, etc. everyone must walk around the edge of the grass pitch to prevent unnecessary damage to the grass surface and cricket square. 
  • When playing a sport on the grass pitch must be always mindful and vigilant that whilst they are playing their sport there may be other sports members, including children using the Club’s facilities and moving around the grounds. 
  • Clear and courteous communication must be maintained between all members and players who are using adjacent facilities for example when a match is taking place on the grass pitch and another section is using the astro pitch or cricket nets then consideration and cooperation must be shown by all players. 


  • Care and attention to surrounding residential neighbours is to be maintained at all times when using the cricket nets.
  • No personal or sports related items are to be left in the nets or the area surrounding the cricket nets.
  • All rubbish is to be removed and placed in the bins provided on the site.


  • Please remove your spikes and clean your boots before entering the clubhouse.  
  • The changing rooms, toilets and other areas within the clubhouse must be kept clear, clean and tidy and all litter must be placed in the bins provided.
  • Please do not bang muddy boots against the walls of the changing rooms to clean them. Boots must be cleaned outside. Boot scrapers are provided at the entrance of the clubhouse.
  • Please respect and look after the facilities and leave all areas clean and tidy. Users/Sections will be charged for any damage caused to the grounds and facilities.


  • The kitchen is to be kept clean and tidy at all times.
  • No food or drink is to be left in the kitchen cupboards or on the kitchen surfaces.
  • No food or drink is to be left in the fridge or freezer.
  • The cooker/oven is not to be used.
  • No-one has exclusive use of the kitchen as other people use the kitchen throughout the week. 
  • All items that belong to you and which you use in the kitchen must be completely removed from the kitchen at the end of each session of hire.
  • Nothing is to be left in the kitchen cupboards or in boxes on the floor.
  • The kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each session and left clean and tidy for the next user.
  • No-one has exclusive use of the meeting room as other people use the meeting room throughout the week.
  • All chairs and tables must be returned to the store cupboard in the meeting room at the end of each session of hire.
  • The meeting room must be left clear and clean.
  • Please take all personal items with you when you leave.


  • All players must leave the Boddington Gardens premises and grounds quietly and immediately their period of hire has ended.  
  • All players must show respect and consideration for our residential neighbours in Boddington Gardens.
  • No alcohol is permitted on site. 
  • No dogs are permitted on site. 
  • We have a strict zero tolerance policy to drugs at Actonians. 
  • Respect the facilities and resources which are available for your benefit. 
  • Promote the ethos of an inclusive and family orientated Club and ensure your attitude and behaviour reflects this. 
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others. 
  • Members will not exercise any discrimination on the grounds of race, nationality, colour, ethnicity, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, creed or disability. 
  • Take nothing for granted and please do what you are being asked to do to make everyone’s visit to The Club safe and pleasant.
  • Actonians members and sports sections must ensure their guests and opposition teams are fully informed of all these terms and conditions.
  • Remember these rules are for your own safety as well as the safety and wellbeing of other members, visitors and staff. 
  • It is the responsibility of all user/sections to ensure their members support each other in doing the right thing. 
  • Members who do not conduct themselves in accordance with these terms and conditions and the Club’s Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action as decided by Actonians Sports Club which may take the form of a ban period or withdrawal of membership or a fine. Further disciplinary measures may also be taken by the relevant sport section.

For all other Club policies please visit and ensure your opposition teams, spectators and visitors are made aware of all the Club’s terms and conditions and policies.

Please report any problems to:

Urgent:            Staff at Clubhouse at Main Site in Gunnersbury Drive – Tel: 020 8567 4556

Non-Urgent:    Email to